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THORVAPA EBOX 30W Top Fill Box Mod Kit
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Innokin Coolfire IV Plus 70W iSub Apex Kit
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CIGMA Mini Mod 30W 0.6 Ohm Sub ohm Vaping Kit
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Looking for a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco smoking? Focus your search on the new Shisha Pens and Vaping, currently taking the UK by storm as smokers look for an alternative to the expensive cigarette. 

Available in a wide range of colours, styles and components from a vastly increasing range of manufacturers, the Shisha Pen is based on a Rechargeable Battery, Clearomizer & an amazing range of E-Juice or E-Liquid, giving endless possibilities for your transition from smoking to vaping experience the healthier alternative now.

Benefit from the switch now, vaping using the Shisha Pen means no more tar, carbon monoxide, poisons or harmful chemicals. The E-Juice/E-Liquid used contains just three basic components, flavouring, you have a choice of Nicotine or Nicotine free and Diluents, commonalty used Diluents are Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Aqueous Glycerine (AG).

"The Best & Most Affordable Alternative to Traditional Tobacco Smoking"

Why Not Stop Smoking Harmful Cigarettes Without The Need To Actually Stop Smoking Now?